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5 Considerations When Choosing A Courier Service For Your Business

Here are some of the most important considerations, when choosing a courier company for your business deliveries in Singapore. This is a popular topic in Singapore, and here are some tips by Mr Chua, Director at PCA Masters, a prominent local courier service company in Singapore.

1. Does tracking make a courier better?

Honestly, if you have the free time to track a courier’s movement in Singapore, you’re probably not productive and not a very good employee or a terrible business owner. What you need to know is whether and when your package gets delivered. Instead of useless tracking, ask for email notification on delivery so you can rest assured it’s delivered. If you cannot trust your courier company to get it delivered that you need to monitor them minute by minute, please, find another courier company. If you cannot trust that a courier can be punctual, I do not think I would trust that courier to be careful and have integrity with my important legal documents or valuable parcels with. I only send important documents and items through courier.

2. Does it matter whether its crowdsourced or in house employees?

If things go bad and if it is crowdsourced, you will be in trouble if things go wrong. The couriers that you find through free applications like Gogovan and the recently bankrupt Zyllem will be the ones that hold the responsibility – not the actual courier companies behind them. This sounds good, until you realize that you cannot contact the same courier ever again. Such app companies usually have clauses protecting themselves and will simply push blame to their couriers while shirking responsibility (or you take 3 weeks to find back that same courier). If you are simply sending something unimportant like a water bottle as a gift, it matters not who you should use. However, if you are engaging a courier service on behalf of a company, reliability and accountability is of the highest importance. You should find a company whom you can always rely on, so that just in case things go wrong, you will be taken care of by them.

3. Is it all about price?

Yes, if you are willing to go through the troubles of finding a new courier each time the company you use go bankrupt. It is very common to see companies use a cheapest courier, only to see it go bankrupt, and change provider month after month. This is quite a common occurrence actually. The main reason this happens is because Singapore is a very expensive place to do business, and cost of leasing and maintaining automobiles is the highest in the world. Add onto government controlled high oil prices, ERP gantries everywhere, it’s barely possible for companies to break even if they do not charge a fair and reasonable price. This is also the reason why you usually see small subcontractors company go bankrupt the fastest. Even larger companies like Zyllem, iDelivery and Gogovan has completely pulled out of the small item deliveries in Singapore, because their costs is unsustainable. It’s a tough industry to be in from the courier company’s point of view. Here’s what I recommend, don’t go for the most expensive company, and don’t go for the cheapest. Find and look for a company in Singapore which is actually able to fulfill your exact delivery requirements the best, and settle on them regardless of the cost. That is the best and most sustainable long term way to ensure that you will have a happy partnership with your courier services provider in Singapore.

4. Are all courier companies the same?

Do note that some courier companies specialize in next 2-4 working days deliveries. These companies are fantastic choices for companies looking to deliver non urgent deliveries for cheap (small margin) E-commerce items. On the other hand, there are premium courier services which only specialize in same day deliveries. Legal, shipping, financial and medical companies will usually require same day deliveries, and for these companies a same day courier company will be best suited for you.

5. How do I ensure I get the best prices with the courier company I choose?

Tell your courier company your exact requirements is the best way to do that. What do I mean? For instance, if you need a super urgent 1 hour service, tell them that. Do not assume that they will deliver yours first. If you have a big item that cannot be fitted onto a bike, tell the courier company that. You will get charged more, but they will send a car or van delivery man to pick up from you and you will get your big item delivered on time. On the other hand, if you do not do this, they may dispatch a rider to your office, only to find out you lied, and need to dispatch another courier. If you are always honest, your courier company will usually be more than happy to provide discounts once in awhile or even prioritize your deliveries. Trust me, this tip works 😉