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Performing Local Singapore Courier Services – Life As A Courier Man

I have worked as a delivery man, courier and such jobs in Singapore. Here are some of my opinions of working at a courier company in Singapore. Actually, scratch that. I have worked at three different courier companies. Out of those 3, I believe my most pleasant experience till date is at PCA Masters (www.pcamasters.com)

The first company I worked at is Network Courier. One of the older firms in Singapore, at that time, I was working as a bike rider. Although the work hours were quite decent – only Mondays to Fridays and occasionally Saturdays, it seems like very little pay, considering how I will be exposed to the weather elements. I cannot disclose nor share the exact amount I was paid, but I will say that it sounded like a decent salary at that time, but certainly not in 2016 with the rising costs in Singapore’s living standards. However, working there taught me a lot of things, like customers’ expectations of a courier e.t.c. It was there where I learnt that customers don’t really care as long as you get the job done, and if you get the job done. In my opinion, it was not tough to work as a delivery rider, but it was getting boring, and over time, to compete, the company reduced prices and challenged other competitors by becoming more of a postal service model. This did only increased my workload, and I felt there was no real value added to the end customer as it is becoming the same as postal service. Thus I left.

My next job was at a tiny subcontractor firm. Basically, this company gets its revenue from other larger and more reputable courier companies. I find that the job here is more interesting, because the clientele rotates more than the fixed ones for Network, but one problem is that the company charged its customers too low, and ended up going bust… Sad me.

Right now, my current job is at a local courier company PCA Masters. So far, my most pleasant working experience (from a courier’s point of view) is at PCA Masters. They give lots of flexibility (Hint: I don’t even need to go for a monthly or bi-weekly meeting to get paid. I simply get paid automatically because the admin/finance team will automatically calculate my payout and transfer me the money immediately). One thing about PCA Masters you may note is that they’re very strict about punctuality and customer support to their customers. If you cannot adhere to that, do not work there. Otherwise, it’s a great place to work at (if you consider ‘place’, considering you don’t even ever need to report to ‘work’).

I think working as a courier in Singapore can be a fulfilling and fun experience, but make sure to work at the right company – the wrong one will bring you lots of troubles, while the right one will pay you well while providing you lots of flexibility in your work. I would overall give the courier industry in Singapore (from a career’s point of view) a 4.3 stars out of 5 stars. If you find the right courier company, like I have, then it can be a 4.5 or even 4.7 stars!