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How To Find A Suitable Singapore Courier Company For Your Deliveries

As I mentioned in my previous post, it’s good to outsource your courier deliveries. However, this does not mean that every courier company will be suitable for you. Even if a particular company had excellent service for you, doesn’t mean it’s suitable for you. Here’s some explanation why.

There are mainly two types of companies in Singapore which I highly recommend to outsource their courier deliveries – E-commerce companies as well as regular companies. Both types of firms have very different requirements when it comes to deliveries.

First of all, when it comes to E-commerce companies, they need to lower the cost of shipping or local delivery as usually this delivery cost is passed forward to their customers. Most customers would prefer paying a lower price and receiving their items slightly later than normal. Therefore, if you’re distributing products and have an E-commerce business, then you should look for delivery companies which specialize in E-commerce product distribution and delivery services. These are usually companies which will aggregate orders and redistribute out products over the next few working days. Additionally, as time is usually not an issue, re-deliveries can be conducted at low costs as the delivery company can simply bypass the area a few days later without making a special trip down.

Next, there will be regular companies which need to deliver and courier many documents, parcels, cheques and contracts on a daily basis. These documents are almost always time sensitive in nature, and need to reach particular destinations and/or personnel within a certain period of time. If you were to look for a E-commerce delivery company for your purpose, you’re going to have a bad time. In such cases, you would need to look for a delivery firm which specializes in local same day courier services in Singapore. They are different from E-commerce distribution companies as they specialize in local same day deliveries.

The key is to know what type of service you actually require, then decide on the company and the pricing. Without deeply understanding what you really need, you cannot truly find a delivery company in Singapore which actually fulfills your needs.