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Should Your Company Outsource To A Courier Company Or Hire Own Dispatch?

Hiring a full time staff or outsourcing to a courier company is a common question that business owners ask themselves and their top executives. This is the reason being that in the past, few companies in Singapore offered such services to other companies. However for the last 10 to 15 years, many accounting, courier, and business to business services companies have popped up, serving the needs of businesses usually more effectively than any in house employee can perform. This is because these companies specialize in that one job function, and are able to have much more experience doing it as well as economies of scale.

If you want to hire a full time dispatch rider in Singapore, you need to pay them at least around $1500 and when you add up all the workman compensation, CPF contributions, transport allowance along with any administrative costs, it will be around $2000. Unless you have over 150 to 200 deliveries a month, there is simply more economies of scale by engaging a dedicated courier company. This is because most local urgent or same day courier services cost between $10 to $25 per location. Witht that being said, even if you have 10 deliveries per working day in Singapore, which is about 200 deliveries a month, you would only incur around $1000 to $2500 if you had engaged a courier company. Not only would you either save money, you would have saved a lot of effort and time otherwise needed to be spent on conducting administrative and human resource related work!

However, of course, it is not without cons. Hiring a courier company can and will make your life easier – provided you pick the right firm to work with. Just like hiring a dispatch rider, picking the wrong company to partner with in Singapore would be disastrous. This is the reason why some good courier companies in Singapore like https://plus.google.com/+PCAMastersSingapore/ publicly reveal their reviews as they’re as good as they claim they are, and they also allow for trial credit periods. If you like it, continue, if you don’t, stop using them at no additional cost.

Working with the right courier company can be a great delight, as I have for my businesses. I simply outsource it. However, I must also warn you to take this matter seriously, and treat the courier company’s responsibility, accountability and responsiveness as far more important criteria than any other thing. I have seen people lose items due to irresponsible couriers or worry incessantly by picking a cheap courier only to realize they never deliver on their promises.

Courier Service Vs Postal Service

Why are more consumers in Singapore turning to courier companies for their deliveries instead of the old and outdatedĀ postal service? Reasons are aplenty, and here are some of the best:

– First of all, there is accountability when it comes to courier services. If a courier firm picks up the item and they indeed have delivered the itemĀ to the intended recipient, as they would need to get the intended recipient to sign off or stamp on the consignment note as proof of delivery.

– Second of all, a Singapore courier service company will dispatch a rider or driver to your exact location and pick up your item. You don’t even need to walk to the office’s door if you want to! You can even get a courier firm to dispatch the rider all the way to your desk at no extra cost. Such great convenience is the reason why many companies are resorting to using courier services instead of the old fashioned and outdated postal service.

– Third of all, most companies in Singapore (financial, medical and shipping companies) require documents and parcels to be delivered fast, and within the same day. Postal services take at least one to two working days to complete.

– Next, there are more and more courier companies these days, and all of them are competing on either pricing or service quality. Some courier companies like PCA Masters truly provide the whole package – attractive pricing with phenomenal customer service. Check them out here.

– Also, in a time driven city-state society like that of Singapore, people want speed. Businesses want speed too. This is the reason why postal services are getting less popular.

– Finally, hiring an in house dispatch rider is very expensive if you need only 10 to 30 deliveries a month. Chances are, you’ll save yourself much more time, effort and money by engaging and outsourcing your deliveries to a local courier company in Singapore.